Letter of Recommendation



Richard Gunn is the President and owner of Envana Energy.  Since 2015, Richard has worked under my direction and managed a team of petroleum engineers and contractors at the Churchill Marine Tank Farm (CMTF), in Churchill, MB.  During this time Richard has managed complex engineering and capital construction projects, and served as the CMTF Chief Certified Petroleum Technician.  I have personally worked with Richard over the past four years on a wide variety of tasks related to safety improvements, engineering design & construction, bulk fuel transfer operations and regulatory compliance.

I’m impressed with Richard’s in-depth knowledge of the petroleum industry, and the depth and breadth of his general knowledge and work experience.  He has demonstrated innovative methods of solving complex problems, often leveraging technology to improve processes and simplify record keeping and reporting. He has demonstrated a structured approach to managing projects and people, and has successfully completed project tasks on schedule and within budget.

Many of the challenges at the CMTF prior to 2015, stemmed from inadequate training and supervision.  Shortly after starting work at the CMTF, Richard and his team led training and implemented well defined policies & procedures.  These process improvements have resulted in significant improvements in operational safety and inventory reporting and reconciliation.  During the course of his work, Richard has proven himself as a capable manager who is honest, reliable and dedicated to safe and sustainable bulk fuel operations.

Richard communicates effectively, and is both well-liked and respected.  Over the years Richard has maintained a very good working relationship with CMTF technicians, customers, governing agency officials and myself.  Richard is recognized as a hard worker who leads by example and strives to perform his job at an exceptional level.  If the opportunity arises, I would certainly welcome the chance to work closely with Richard in the future.  I strongly recommend Richard Gunn for a position in City Counsel, as I know that he will provide value to the community.


Kenneth Rose
Director of Engineering & Environmental
OmniTRAX, Inc.
252 Clayton Street, #2
Denver, CO 80206
(303) 398-4549



A Genuine Soul


Selina Gunn

I am 22 years old, and in those 22 years I have seen nothing but a genuine soul from my father, Richard Gunn. Since I can remember he has been volunteering his time, money and effort towards every non profit organization I can think of without anything in return, without saying a word. That is why I would now like to speak on all my dad does for this community, since it is never seen or heard of because that’s not why he does these things.

Some organizations that I can recall are RFDA, Evergreen, he’s spent plenty of money and time on multiple mud runs, he just recently donated a ton of fresh watermelons to our shelter house, he’s spent time with clean up crews cleaning up multiple different places in the city. It doesn’t just stop at organizations, but local businesses and strangers as well. Just as a few examples of those, we went for pizza one day and they had a ‘pay it forward’ program going on, where you could buy a pizza for someone who was in need. He ended up donating, if I can recall properly, $200 or more to the program.

If there is a local business I guarantee he has supported it in some way, especially if it has something to do with food! I recall us being at the Spence clinic to see ultrasounds of my son, there was a couple in there talking about the heat and how horrible it was without air conditioning. Without hesitation my dad offered to give them a portable air conditioner from our house for free.

His want to help others doesn’t just stop at me, my son, or friends. He truly cares about every individual in this city and if he could help everyone in need I guarantee you he would. Little things like that I have seen my entire life come from him with nothing in return. Those are just a few things off the top of my head. If I named all of them, all the things he’s done for myself, friends, and the community I would be going on forever. I am so very grateful to have such a selfless person as my dad and I appreciate you reading this to let me shine some light on what this community means to him.

Selina Gunn